Do the Klutz (Epic Putz Remix)

from by Headsnack

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I'm a klutz, i'm not a putz I'm a yutz
i kick shmucks like Lionel Hutz in the nuts
I'm a spiller, I'll turn around and bump your Miller
kill the vibe, vilified like Ben Stiller
I'm a spaz, a gawky awkward contrast
modest, unpolished & tarnished with a checkered past
Time to recap, I'm a klutz flicking butts
out the front window and into the back
catch a heart attack from the smoke in the rear view
going 80 on the Clearview, I'm burning holes in upholstery
Clean up aisle 9 in the grocery
That's my story, i'm a blunderer
a butcher, a fumbler
a bull in a china shop stumbler
butter finger half steppin' like Frank Drebin
unsuspecting, stand and bang my head in

Do the klutz, do the klutz
This Is hotcakes & coconutz
hear my ear worms burrow
in your goose bumps
your goose bumps
pumped like puma pounce on a pond of ducks

on a flight with the first class upgrade
rocking free vodka til I'm slow on the uptake
hands spaz spilling drinks on a stranger's lap
Then I order another and take a nap.
oh I'm sorry
I'm clumsy, heavy footed lumbering
thundering, mongering, clodhopper pummeling
smooth talking until I'm knocking
over my glass, I'm overtly brash
remote control dropping,
watching it like a car crash smash
into comcast trash
walk into walls, bang myself in the balls
Burn myself and curse my selfworth

Do the klutz, do the klutz
This Is hotcakes & coconuts
hear my ear worms burrow
in your goose bumps
your goose bumps
pumped like puma pounce on a pond of ducks

A regina steamer carpet cleaner? Dream on!
When I have my lean on, best to call Fema!
I spill tea on a regular basis
and make a mockery of my homeostasis
a hypocrisy that I'm so graceless
yet blaze through phrases with an ageless greatness
unstableness like a turntablist
trying to juggle heavy metal on a leaky vessel
hello surroundings,I'm forgetful
my head has constant knots like a pretzel
my limbs have turrets & beget accidents
like pachaderms snacking on laxatives
banging into things, spilling beverages
stepping on toys getting foot hemorrhages
headphone cords yank over My Chivas
It’s like a penchant to drench when I'm oblivious
asleep at the switch I bitch more than Darth Sidious!

Repeat Chorus

I drench my Qwerty when it's beer thirty
carpet stays dirty cause I'm Topsy-Turvy
Kick my drink like a Rockette then curtsey
grab a jiz rag, & clean it as a courtesy
it's inevitable when I'm drinking several
or sober, I'll still knock it off the coaster
it happens often, mid-motion I balk
and caution to the wind, I shadowbox my drink
hard to think when I'm spilling drinks in public
at the restaurant table while talking dumb shit
space cadet graceful as a savage
chaos magnet banging my head on cabinets


from Secret Handshake, released October 5, 2018
Produced by Golden Kitchen
Written by Headsnack


all rights reserved



Headsnack New York, New York

Hip Hop cyber-pirate from the future spraying intelligent songs that mock humanity while implanting infectious ear worms. Help spread this virus on your mobile devices & be sure to search YouTube for Headsnack! Like us @ & follow @headsnack. ... more

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